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We personally research the perfect places to enjoy cost effective, quality
Ayurvedic purification and pampering.

Expert Ayurvedic Advice
We can recommend the ideal place, practitioner, period and treatments for your needs. By liaisoning with the Ayurvedic Centre regarding your requirements you are assured of authentic and effective Ayurvedic treatment.

For advice regarding your best resort option email us your health history and current concerns at free online Ayurvedic consultation.

Solo or Group Packages
Whether you’re enjoying time alone or with an ensemble let us organise discount deals for you. These may include accommodation, treatment, shuttle service, yoga, astrology, cultural performances and tours.

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Highly Recommended Resorts - INDIA


Beach and Lake Ayurvedic Resort
A tranquil island oasis nestled between the Arabian sea and two rivers. With its warm service and intimate environment this is a home away from home. The resort also offers classes in Ayurvedic massage, astrology, kalaripayattu martial arts and ayurveda. Martine Capron from France said “Day after day I could feel pain leave my body and peace replacing it. The yoga courses were excellent. I will definitely return to the Beach and Lake Resort.”
Isola Di Cocco
Bordered by the sea and river, Isola Di Cocco is spread across 30 acres of lush palms and greenery. The Bela Ayurvedic Centre offers proundly relaxing and purifying treatments. Enjoy recreational fun, lounge on the hammock by the large freshwater pool and enjoy cultural performances in the evening. Each traditional villa has a balcony with a breathtaking view of nature’s bounties.
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